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One of the main duties of Tecnochem is to find the best product at the most competitive price for its client. Clients' needs vary from on region to another, depending on the countries and the crops being grown. This is where the adaptability of Tecnochem and its knowledge of the world market are useful.

Tecnochem has a very broad network of suppliers that can answer even the most particular needs for specific types of fertilizers to be custom made for him.

Our ability to supply raw materials to factories increases our edge in terms of price competitivity.



While we normally offer on CFR basis, we can also sell on FOB or DDP especially to land-locked countries.



Transport is a very important parameter in our business. We work closely with Brokers to keep abreast with the ship chartering market as freight charge represents an important component in the price.

Transport by containers in one of our main strength when it comes to deliveries to final destinations at the farm’s door, especially in land-locked countries and small quantities.

Handling logistics

Handling And logistics

Warehousing, packing stuffing of containers are an integral part of our current operations. We can store goods in bonded warehouses in a convenient strategic area and sell our product from there. To optimize the diversity of suppliers, we can organize bagging on the way to destinations that can only receive bagged products.



Pre-export financing: Either by paying the plant in advance or by supplying them raw materials for the manufacture of our fertilizer. To adapt to the needs of the Buyers, we extend deferred payment terms and open credit terms subject to appreciation by our credit committee.